Paul's Internet Landfill/ Contacting Me

Contacting Me

I currently do not have comments enabled on this website. However, you are welcome to contact me via e-mail. My username is pnijjar, and the domain is alumni dot uwaterloo dot ca .

If you are expecting a response to your e-mail and don't get one within two weeks, feel free to send me a reminder e-mail.

I do reserve the right to respond to your e-mails on this website. I will probably ask your permission before reprinting e-mails here, unless you are behaving like a troll or a mean person.

Other Internet Presence

Like everybody else, I have accounts on some trendy social networking sites. However, I am too compulsive to use them responsibly, so they serve mostly as placeholders. However, if regular e-mail is not getting through to me you might try one of these other sites.