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Welcome to my dumping ground! Here you will find most of the stuff I will admit to creating for the Web, including:

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I currently live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. As of early 2022 I am unemployed and looking for employment.

Previously, I was employed as a Level 2 Computer Janitor at The Working Centre, which is a community development organization masquerading as an employment centre. I was also a sessional computer science lecturer at The University of Waterloo.


Educationally speaking, I attended:


I have been involved with the following organizations and initiatives. (Many of these associations are now defunct or peripheral.

Getting In Touch

If you have comments or would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

Site Content License

Unless otherwise specified, all of this content is copyright Paul Nijjar, with all rights reserved.

One exception to this is code and configuration snippets in my tag/tech section. Unless otherwise specified, those are in the public domain, so you can copy and use them without fear.

I understand that there are problems with this copyright, but it will have to do until I decide the best way to release this content.

I am pretty open to relicensing things and/or giving you permission to use this work in creative ways. Contact me if you are interested.

Site Creation Tools

The CMS for this website is Ikiwiki:

The current background is a heavily (and unattractively) processed derivative work of a beautiful photograph: This photo was generously released by Scott Wylie under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence:

The previous background was a screen clipping from the program Cynosure from the Xscreensaver package: . Cynosure was written Stephen Linhart, Ozymandias G. Desiderata, and Jamie Zawinski.

The ugly theme has been customized by yours truly, using a purloined copy of Eric A. Meyer's excellent book Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd. edition.