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There are many websites on the Internet. This is mine.

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Most Recent Updates

To keep up with site updates you might want to sign up on my main feed . I also have feeds for specific topics, which you can access below.

There is also feed which allows you to keep up with page modifications . This is useful because I do edit and modify content. (Warning: this feed contains links to filtered/NSFW content.)

Here are the most recent non-filtered pages:

Editing Files in Saltstack
Composed April 10th, 2019

Cartoons Aging Well (and Poorly)
Composed April 8th, 2019

Reflections on Pain
Composed April 2nd, 2019

Three Premiers
Composed March 26th, 2019

LinkedIn Headshots
Composed February 13th, 2019

Greenbelt Respite
Composed February 12th, 2019

Version Control on the Blockchain
Composed February 7th, 2019

Science and Religion
Composed January 21st, 2019

The Greenbelt is Dead
Composed December 28th, 2018

Steps Towards the Surveillance Dystopia
Composed October 28th, 2018


Each of these categories comes associated with an RSS feed. Subscribing to one or more feeds is the most effective way to keep up with site content. However, if you do subscribe to a feed please set the check interval to be infrequent -- maybe a day or so.

Tech : technical content (mostly related to systems administration and open source topics).

Info : Information that may be useful to the wider community.

Blather : Personal writings of dubious quality.

Archived Categories

The material in these sections is scavenged from past websites and publications I have been involved with.

Demons in My Head : Archives from my personal website, which used to live at

Complete Archive : A complete archive of all the non-filtered entries of this website.