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Demons in My Head

This was my first website. It ran from 1998 to 2006. I have modified the formatting of some of the material, but I reproduce it here verbatim (mostly because I am too embarrassed/lazy to edit my own work).

The blog was divided into several sections, which I reproduce below. The "Demons" metaphor was a sad attempt at UNIX humour.

  1. Demons in My Head
    1. Demon of Id
    2. Ritual Demon
    3. Interactive Demon
    4. Demon of Rage
    5. Money Demon
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Demon of Id

All about my favourite topic: me!

Composed August 3rd, 2004

On Fasting
Composed January 3rd, 2003

Counting My Blessings
Composed October 10th, 2001

Sloth and Self-Discipline
Composed May 30th, 2000

An Addict's Lament
Composed December 30th, 1999

Lots of Words, Little to Say
Composed July 28th, 1999

Pleasures of the Flesh
Composed June 13th, 1999

Just call me failure
Composed January 4th, 1999

Links I'll Probably Never Visit
Composed July 27th, 1998

Blind and Stingy
Composed July 12th, 1998

The Balance of My Life
Composed June 10th, 1998

Clueless Paul Gets a Career
Composed May 25th, 1998

Fearful Things
Composed January 3rd, 1998

The Goals I'll Never Reach
Composed January 3rd, 1998

Ritual Demon

All about how things are messed up and it's Society's fault.

Adjacency Matrix
Composed August 13th, 2005

Alien Technology
Composed April 20th, 2004

Composed February 26th, 2004

Knowing Death
Composed November 25th, 2002

Daily Sin
Composed June 28th, 2002

Vengeance Begets Vengeance
Composed October 10th, 2001

Caterpillars and Corn
Composed September 28th, 2001

Hypocrisy and a Little Bird
Composed May 23rd, 2001

Resenting My Taxes
Composed March 7th, 2001

What Have You Done To My Oatmeal?
Composed July 4th, 2000

Foggy Night
Composed January 10th, 2000

Bernard Wolfe: A Forgotten Writer
Composed January 3rd, 2000

I'll Be Wearing A Poppy This Year
Composed January 3rd, 2000

An Addict's Lament
Composed December 30th, 1999

Keep on Those Smiley-Smiles!
Composed July 29th, 1999

A Token of Charity
Composed July 24th, 1999

Rubbish and Art
Composed May 27th, 1999

Narrowing my Sights
Composed May 12th, 1999

Love: A Definition?
Composed January 31st, 1999

Jury Duty
Composed January 11th, 1999

Happiness for Sale
Composed July 8th, 1998

A Tale of Two Parties
Composed June 24th, 1998

Cars Vs. My Feet (Part 1)
Composed June 9th, 1998

Death by Millenium
Composed May 15th, 1998

Composed January 3rd, 1998

Interactive Demon

This was supposed to be about people I knew. Naturally it went nowhere.

Neighbourhood Cat
Composed August 25th, 2005

The Bravery of Dr. Chun
Composed October 12th, 1998

Eulogy for the Forgotten
Composed January 5th, 1998

Demon of Rage

This is me being angry. Grrr!

Wake up and Reject Your Ballot
Composed October 1st, 2003

The Axis of Misleading Language
Composed December 17th, 2002

This Year's Surprise
Composed August 28th, 2002

Tyranny in Calgary
Composed May 17th, 2000

Composed July 9th, 1999

Our Lives Are Waste
Composed June 11th, 1999

Welcome To The Revolution, Part II
Composed June 4th, 1999

Wake up and Vote!
Composed May 26th, 1999

Angry About Seals
Composed March 30th, 1999

Money Demon Introduction
Composed September 24th, 1998

Composed July 20th, 1998

I Hate Banks
Composed May 29th, 1998

We're Losing our Minds
Composed May 19th, 1998

Waste and Hypocrisy and Pigs and Geese
Composed May 11th, 1998

Money Demon

This was going to be my economics section.

Investments, Investors and My Retirement
Composed January 3rd, 2001

Money Demon
Composed September 24th, 1998

Money Demon Introduction
Composed September 24th, 1998