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Eulogy for the Forgotten

aka These Were the People I Knew

It's sad, really. All of us are touched by so many others during the course of our lives. People help us, hurt us, make us laugh and make us cry -- but time marches on and we have to march on with it. Then we start to forget.

Sadly, I have forgotten many of you. Most of the names on this page are just that: names, and little more. You have all lived your lives since we drifted apart. I've lived mine. And now I'm wondering what happened to us all.

What happened to you? Where did you go? What did you do? What were your hopes and dreams and despairs? If there is anything that the Internet is good for, it's communication. Did you know me once? Did I know you? Then drop me a line, and tell me what you've been up to. I really want to know. It doesn't matter whether you were a friend or an enemy or just a casual aquaintance. Just write to me. If you have a web page of your own, I'll put a link to that, too. Naively, I am hoping that we all might get to know each other again. Then maybe this crazy electronic dystopia will be worth something after all.

And what, I hear you asking, if you can't find your name on the list? Have I snubbed you? I have, because I may have forgotten you, and you might be as good as dead in my mind. Then it is even more important for you to write, because a few sentences sent from a stranger I once knew isn't just a letter. It's a resurrection. (And that was your shmaltz for the day).

So here, in no particular order, are the names of the real people who helped shaped me. Each one of these names once had a life behind it, and to each of these lives I wish the best of luck, no matter what that life might be. I may have forgotten you -- I even may have forgotten your full name, which causes me much embarrassment -- but you all played your part in making me what I am.

Of course it's not altruism. I just want to remember who we were.

Afton Elementary School


Ellengale and Queenston

High School in Suburbia

Cool Internet Types