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Links I'll Probably Never Visit

Every sucky personal webpage has a listing of interesting and useless links for people to visit. As I am attempting to make this personal webpage as sucky as possible ("Demons in My Head: The Site Nobody Visits Twice!") I have decided to make up a list of possibly interesting and useless links.

Mind you, I have never actually visited most of these sites. I just happened to come across URLs with interesting descriptions. I wrote down the URLs and vowed that someday I would visit all of these cool sites and learn all of these cool things.. but I haven't gotten around to it yet, and knowing me I probably never will.

You can visit these sites if you would like. Drop me a note if you find any of them interesting. If and when I ever get around to clicking these links, I will post a little summary of what I discovered on these pages with the interesting URLs.

Sites I Haven't Visited:

Links I Have Finally Bothered to Click: