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Composed August 3rd, 2004

On Fasting
Composed January 3rd, 2003

Counting My Blessings
Composed October 10th, 2001

Sloth and Self-Discipline
Composed May 30th, 2000

An Addict's Lament
Composed December 30th, 1999

Lots of Words, Little to Say
Composed July 28th, 1999

Pleasures of the Flesh
Composed June 13th, 1999

Just call me failure
Composed January 4th, 1999

Links I'll Probably Never Visit
Composed July 27th, 1998

Blind and Stingy
Composed July 12th, 1998

The Balance of My Life
Composed June 10th, 1998

Clueless Paul Gets a Career
Composed May 25th, 1998

Fearful Things
Composed January 3rd, 1998

The Goals I'll Never Reach
Composed January 3rd, 1998