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Money Demon

As you might have noticed in my introduction, I don't like money all that much. I feel very strongly about certain aspects of this life; the destructive insustainability of our economic game is one of them. I can see that we are killing ourselves. It is as obvious to me as your fingers are to you -- and yet, I can never seem to express myself when it matters.

Does it matter now? Will I end up just preaching to the converted? Probably. But writing down these thoughts might help me straighten out some of the issues that are floating around in my head. Then -- one day -- I might be able to convince somebody that there is a problem with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, that we cannot continue to exploit our resources as if they were worthless, and we cannot continue to show the disrespect towards our world that we do. We cannot. We must not, if we want to avoid a very dark age.

I don't know what a little boy and his sucky webpage can do to change anything. I doubt that I can accomplish anything by electronically scrawling these words nobody reads. But this is too important an issue for me to leave alone. I have to speak, even if nobody wants to listen to me. In a very real way, these may well be the most vain of my vanity homepages. But I can't just sit here and watch us kill ourselves through out unsustainable luxury. So I won't. Here are some of my futile attempts to make some sense of this madness: