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Robocall Scandal Talk: January 16

Here I go again. Not only am I blogging about elections again, but it's not even election time. As if that was not bad enough, I am recommending another talk.

You might remember my teary Federal Election Post-Blather entry. In it, I expressed dismay at the allegations of prank calls misleading voters about their polling stations. I was good and steamed, and I still am. I have been following the story loosely over the past year (it has stayed in the news, surprisingly), but I don't know a lot about what has transpired in the past year.

The nice people at Fair Vote Canada (with which I no longer have any official affiliation) are bringing a couple of speakers to talk about the scandal: Jim Harris (former leader of the Green Party, who has apparently been following the scandal and blogging about it for the Huffington Post), and Simon Rowland (President and CEO of a direct marketing firm called Direct Leap Technologies).

The talk will be held at the Duke of Wellington pub at 33 Erb Street West. The talk begins at 7pm. I do not like that the event is being held at a drinking establishment, but I am hoping to go anyways. Maybe you will too?