Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2014/ Because


Last year I noticed an unfamiliar linguistic construction going around the internet. It takes the form <situation> + "because" + <noun phrase>. Here are a couple of examples from the wild:

and here are a couple I made up:

I know these examples are not particularly noteworthy, but I have not been compiling examples (because laziness) and the construct is not particularly easy to grep.

Unlike many Internet meme phrasings, I am fond of this one. When done well:

Unfortunately, the construct became corrupted quickly. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to replace the noun phrase with "reasons", as in the following example:

Maybe this is cute the first time you hear it. The joke works because the original construct conveys a lot of information with a noun phrase, and this corruption uses the same construct to convey no information at all. But the joke wears thin quickly. It is just a new way of saying "Just because", or "because I won't tell you why". Let's compare and contrast:

In other words, it is useless and not funny -- pretty much the polar opposite of the original meme. So please don't use it unless you are trying to convey your lack of originality and wit.