Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2014/ Wanted: Used MP3 Player

Wanted: Used MP3 Player

I put up a Kijiji ad looking for a used MP3 player. I did not get many responses to that ad, so I will try here:

I would like to find a used MP3 player with the following qualities:

I am not looking for a bottom-barrel brand like Cody or Chateau. Once upon a time (before the iPhone) some companies made good-quality, durable MP3 players, and I would like to own (another) one. If you have an old MP3 player collecting dust that fits the above requirements, please get in touch.

I am also not looking for an Apple product, because Apple products fail many of the requirements above.

I am looking to spend $10-15 ideally, but might pay a little more for the right device.

(I could blather on about why these are the right requirements for me, but I won't. If you have something to offer but think my price is unreasonably low then let's talk. My thinking is that many/most people listen to music on their phones now, so there are likely a lot of used MP3 players collecting dust somewhere.)