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Region of Waterloo Podcasts

Update: As of 2019-06-12, many of the active podcasts on this list are listed on as a consumable RSS feed.

I spend far too much of my life listening to podcasts. They may be my primary form of entertainment/distraction. Lately I have noticed a distressing trend in my subscriptions: more and more of the podcasts I consume are produced in the United States, most often from California. I do not like this although US podcasts are entertaining, podcasting is accessible enough that it should be a worldwide phenomenon, which means that it should be possible to hear a diversity of voices from around the world.

This page is my attempt to document some local podcasts -- those produced in Waterloo Region. I went looking for such a listing and could not find one easily, so I decided to pull a Yahoo! and list the ones I can find. My hope is that this will provide locals (and maybe non-locals) with a way to add local voices to their podcasting consumption.

I do not listen to most of the podcasts here, and as such I do not endorse them. There are certainly local podcasts that I have no interest in consuming, but other locals might.

For the purpose of this listing I will classify podcasts into two categories: functional and defective. A functional podcast has the following properties:

To be included in this list the podcast should be produced locally, i.e. within Waterloo Region.

Ideally, all podcasts would be licensed such that they can be archived and redistributed (at least), and would be available in low-bitrate encodings, and would have options to be encoded using free software codecs like OGG. But these are unreasonable criteria for most podcasts to meet.

As of this writing the podcasts are in no particular order, although I tend to add podcasts to the top of the listings.

Please Help!

If you know of other directories of local podcasts, I would be very interested to know what they are.

If you know of other local podcasts not listed here, please send them to me and I will add them to the list.

Similarly, if you find dead links please report them and I will clean things up.

If you would like to take over the curation of this list please let me know. I would love to avoid the responsibility.

Here are some podcasts I believe should exist, but which I have not found yet. If you find feeds please pass them along:

Functional Podcasts

Defective Podcasts