Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2015/ Dear Restaurants

Dear Restaurants

If you put up signage that reads "Don't Cook, Just Eat!" then I will never patronize your establishment. Even if I somehow become rich enough to eat out, I will never buy anything from you.

I don't care that the "Just Eat" people are "just" a delivery service. Both components of that slogan are despicable. "Don't Cook" emphasizes the perception that cooking is a difficult chore. "Just Eat" is a great way for us to get fatter and fatter. On the one hand we are shamed for our body weight; on the other delivery companies tell us to "just eat".

NEWS FLASH: cooking edible food is not that difficult, does not take that long and make us moderately more appreciative of food than eating out does. Cooking is a private and a public good, and any organization that discourages us from preparing our own food is my enemy.

I know this rant is futile, especially since I don't have the budget to eat out. I don't care. I want to clearly signal my opposition to this slogan, and I want to encourage those of you who do have the budget to dine out to follow suit. I also want to encourage you to cook more of your food, and maybe participate in growing some food so that you learn how to appreciate food more.