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Oil Inertia

When I wrote my climate change lament Climate Inertia last year, I felt upset that I had not been able to choose a more appropriate word than "inertia" to describe the situation. Disappointed, I wrote this word choice off as yet more evidence of middle-aged aphasia, but maybe I was wrong. After listening to an episode of The Agenda podcast called Oil Woes and Ontario, I heard a lot of distressing points made:

The panel chuckled about Peak Oil, and pooh-poohed that it was real, and argued that fracking has changed everything.

All of this makes me more inclined to think we are in deep trouble.

There has been some news that has not fit with my pessimistic outlook: it looks as if Ontario is seriously pursuing a carbon tax. My pocketbook will not like a carbon tax, and a carbon tax is just one measure towards reducing emissions, but if this really is implemented (and lasts beyond one government's mandate) then maybe it is one force against the forces of inertia pushing us towards disaster.