Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2015/ How to Win Proportional Representation: Slides, Audio, Video

How to Win Proportional Representation: Slides, Audio, Video

At long last, I have finally put together material from the How to Win Proportional Representation presentation I gave on Oct 28. I would like to thank everybody who attended and everybody who helped promote the event.

Thanks to Kirk Zurell (who saved my audiovisual bacon), you can find video, audio and slides of the talk on . The audio is (mildly) more edited than the video, and is available here: .

The video is also on Youtube: Note that the talk starts at the 1 minute mark.

I also have locally-archived versions of the slides: 2015-10-28-howto-win-pr.pdf

The slides are released under a Creative-Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license. Attribution should be made to "Paul Nijjar", and if this website still exists then I request you use this URL as the reference page.

I also have made the sources for the slides, and the Python scripts used to generate the graphs available. Here are archived versions (both locally and on github).