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I Need Publicity Help

For about a month I have been putting together a talk entitled How To Win Proportional Representation. Interest in proportional representation spikes right after elections, and people are particularly interested now because so many people are worried about splitting their votes in this federal election. I want to capitalize on that interest by offering a talk.

However, I am terrible at publicity. There may be a couple of organizations that might be helping with publicity, but I am worried that without more support nobody will attend the talk, and we will miss this opportunity. Can you help?

I am looking for help with (some of) the following:

My dream is to get 100 people out. Given the amount of grumbling happening locally (and given that many all-candidates meetings are hitting a hundred people easily) I think this goal is reachable. But without some publicity help that won't happen, and the only people who attend will be the same 10 people who go to all of these proportional representation events. That is not the purpose of this talk.

As I write this I worry that I am overselling this event. I am trying to make this talk accessible to introductory audiences, informative and maybe even engaging. I have put a LOT of time and mental energy into preparing this thing, and while I cannot promise that the results will be spectacular I am hoping they will be worthwhile.

Can you help? If so please contact me ASAP. I will assess whether I am going ahead with the talk on the weekend.