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Meetup Disappointment

Before I was on I thought it was the secret to getting good turnouts at meetings. Attendance at KWLUG has been declining for years. In contrast, I saw all these meetups on with hundreds of members and many many RSVPs. Meetup is expensive and I am cheap, however, so I did not seriously consider paying for a membership.

Now I am glad I didn't. Thanks to NetSquared branding, the NetSquared Kitchener-Waterloo group gets to use Meetup for free, and I am one of the organizers. Here have been my experiences:

To me it seems that the only way to run a successful group is by doing exactly the same things you do when running a successful meetup group not on You do a lot of word of mouth networking, and you advertise outside the website, and you somehow build up a core group that is excited about your initiative. Since I have given up trying to improve KWLUG, it does not make sense for me to try and improve things via getting a account. Maybe the site will work for you, but I have been disappointed.