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Composer Hate

People keep seeing how great APT was, and reinventing their own wheels. There is pip and Rubygems and npm and on and on and on. Mostly I do not like these solutions, but it is clear that Debian-style stable releases lost the packaging wars, and so we are stuck with a dozen different incompatible updating mechanisms. Have fun checking each one of them individually!

PHP's attempt to keep up with the Jonses is composer. People pretend that Composer is like APT for PHP. But there are some differences. Firstly, as noted before, composer is not good at managing dependencies. It will lock down versions of Drupal modules so that they cannot be easily updated even when you want them updated. (You had ONE JOB, composer.)

Here is another deficiency:

$ time composer update
> DrupalProject\composer\ScriptHandler::checkComposerVersion
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Package operations: 2 installs, 37 updates, 1 removal
  - Removing drupal/console-extend-plugin (0.4.0)

Fatal error: Class 'Drupal\Console\Composer\Plugin\ExtenderManager' not found in /home/kwlugor/kwlug-composer/vendor/drupal/console-extend-plugin/src/Extender.php on line 55
real    9m54.965s
user    0m56.226s
sys     0m3.659s

Look. If you are going to have an error then have an error. Clearly I am a terrible person for calling composer update instead of composer update --with-dependencies. Why are you taking 10 MINUTES to tell me this? Was somebody not paying attention during their algorithms and data structures classes?

I get it. I should not be comparing drush up (which was fast and just worked) to composer update because Composer was invented off the island and has to do so many more difficult things. But drush up doesn't make me want to ragequit every time I have to do some basic updates.

Also: that cute feature where you have to be in a specific directory to call composer update or it tries to create new composer.json files everywhere? That's not so cute.