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Ice Cream Vacation

I don't have much of a travel bug, but sometimes I feel envious about people who can afford to go on vacations. Sometimes I entertain thoughts about visiting Costa Rica, but given my path to destitution that is not likely to happen.

But I did take a vacation today. I cycled to Stratford again. I probably shouldn't have (there is lots to do at home) but given that I would have had the day off even if I was at my old job, and given that the weather was nice, and given that I have had an awful week, I decided to throw caution to the wind. My knees are unhappy that I made this rash decision, but overall I feel okay about it.

Maybe I am okay without a fancy vacation. Today I learned that the following combination was just fine:

Just like a real vacation, my trip managed to be ethically dubious, because I bought the ice cream at McDonald's. Also ice cream means that cows had to suffer terribly.

The vacation did not fix anything in my life. I am still a mess. I am further behind on the jobs I am pretending to be responsible for than I was before. But who cares? If I am going to be an unemployed burden on society I might as well enjoy it.