Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2017/ An Immorality Play

An Immorality Play

Act 1

[ALI and BALJIT are walking around their neighbourhood. They see something bad. Maybe there is a mess.]

ALI: Oh look at that. What a shame.

BALJIT: Somebody should do something about it.

ALI: It does not look as if anybody else cares, but I care. I want my neighbourhood to be pleasant.

BALJIT: I care too! But what can we do?

ALI: It's up to us, I guess. Let's pool our resources and address the problem ourselves.


Act 2

ALI: Boy, it has been a lot of work fixing this neighbourhood problem. But we are making progress.

BALJIT: I have great news! Somebody has recognized that this is a problem, and (the government/capitalism/an NGO) is going to provide a service to handle it.

ALI: Hooray! Now our lives will be easier and the problem will be addressed!

Act 3

ALI: Oh look. Even though (the government/capitalism/an NGO) has allocated resources towards our problem, it still has not been solved completely.

BALJIT: What a shame. I guess somebody should allocate more resources to the problem.

ALI: How about we pool our resources and address the problem ourselves, the way we did before?

BALJIT: No! We mustn't do that! It is the responsibility of (the government/capitalism/an NGO) to deal with the problem.

ALI: But the problem still exists.

BALJIT: By pooling our resources and addressing the problem we might make somebody's job unnecessary, and might put them out of work.

ALI: Okay. I guess you're right. Let's leave the problem in their hands.