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The Green Party of Ontario Harvests Private Information

tl;dr: The Green Party of Ontario harvests mailing addresses using unethical means. Under no circumstances should you reward this behaviour with your vote.

I am livid. The Green Party of Ontario sent me junk mail (oh the irony) ordering me to donate money to them and vote for them. Most people would not consider this to be a big deal, except:

Somehow, my personal home address has leaked into a marketing database that the Green Party of Ontario uses. This was added WITHOUT my consent, and they somehow invaded my privacy by mailing me at my home address.

Maybe this still does not seem like a big deal to you. It is a HUGE deal to me. My privacy has been violated. I deliberately avoid giving my home address to people, and the Green Party of Ontario has somehow violated that privacy. I do not know where they got this information and I doubt that they will tell me.

This is the final straw.

Update: I don't think I will be able to make you understand how this is such a privacy violation, but here goes:

Also consider that the GPO has raided recent information to find my home address. I was not even living at this address during the last provincial election, and I did not consent to have my name and address released to Elections Canada or Elections Ontario on my tax forms. So they found this information out in some other way.

I know that other political parties engage in these kinds of shenanigans. The NDP has harvested my address by other means. I had hoped that the Green Party would have been different, because they make noises about data protection and data privacy. Wrong! They are as bad if not worse. They identified me as a potential Green Party supporter (which is not that difficult, although I did not consent to harvesting of this information) and then they tracked down my home address to send me this junk mail.

I have contacted the Green Party of Ontario about this and demanded an explanation, because if they are going to surveil me they owe me at least that much. I expect they will not respond. Why would they? They are not accountable to anybody. They only care about getting money. So what can I do? I can go on the internet and complain. I can document what happened to me, and point out that this is unethical behaviour, and implore you not to reward such behaviour with your money or your votes.

I am fully aware I sound like a crackpot. I am still livid. This is a big deal -- and not just to paranoid crackpots like me. You should also be concerned (but you aren't, and you won't be until/unless some similar privacy violation happens to you).