Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2018/ Let's Not Talk

Let's Not Talk

Supposedly our corporate overlords at Bell have decided that today is the day to talk about our mental illnesses. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that NOBODY wants to hear about my mental illnesses. Nobody cares.

Disclose mental illness to an employer? Goodbye employability.

Disclose mental illness to your acquaintances? People look awkwardly at you and say platitudes, and then find excuses to leave (unless you are in crisis and they can play the hero). Disclose your mental illness too frequently? That is self indulgence, so goodbye acquaintances.

Disclose your mental illness to health professionals? Great. Now you have a "history of mental illness" which can and will be used against you if you ever get in trouble.

Disclose your mental illness to anybody else? Ha ha ha.

Maybe it is fine to disclose mental illness when you are all cured. Then you have an inspirational story to tell. Just don't be mentally ill at the time.

Maybe it is okay to disclose mental illness to mental health professionals who care about you exactly as long as they are being paid to do so, and maintain their professional distance while feigning empathy at you.

Thanks for nothing, Bell Canada. Enjoy your positive PR.