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Math Tests for Teachers

So the Ontario governments wants all teachers to pass standard math tests, regardless of whether they teach mathematics or not. Personally I do not have strong feelings about this. Certainly teachers should be familiar with the subjects they are teaching, but I agree with the unionists that teachers of certain subjects don't need a comprehensive understanding of math.

What I do feel strongly about is my kneejerk snarky response: that politicians should have to pass math tests too. In particular they should learn how compound interest works. They should learn basic addition and subtraction so they can compute deficits. Most importantly they should learn about statistics, so they won't repeat their stupid misleading (often unfalsifiable) talking points.

This may be a kneejerk snarky response, but I am semi-serious about this.

Another part of me knows that the politicians (or more particularly the backroom operatives who come up with their infuriating talking points) understand statistics perfectly well, and do whatever they can to frame those statistics in the most misleading way possible. A pox on all their houses. I have no tolerance for their shenanigans any more.