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Possible Mississauga Trip

I do not know whether anybody in the GTA reads this blog, but I thought I would post this anyways.

Because I am foolish, I am considering a bike trip from KW to Mississauga this summer. I would likely do this trip in June, or at the latest early July.

If you are in the GTA and would like to meet, then let me know.

I am not working much this year, so vacation funds are tight. Thus I am trying to do this trip on the cheap. Unfortunately I think Mississauga is too far away for me to cycle there and back in a day. That leaves me with three options:

I do not seriously expect that somebody will offer a place for me to stay, especially since I am picky:

That is all I would need. I don't need food or a bed (or bedding) or company or anything. Probably the place could be in Mississauga or Toronto, although Toronto might be a stretch.

In any case, if you want to meet then get in touch.

Under no circumstances should you feel obligated to offer lodging unless you are (a) in a position to do so and (b) you really want to.