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Sick, Crazy, Lazy

I did not do much last weekend. I spent most of the weekend asleep. When I was awake I did not take on any of the many tasks I had put on my todo list. I did my Saturday shopping and a short Sunday bike ride, and that was it.

What if I told you that I had been feeling feverish and run down, so I slept the weekend away gaining strength for work on Monday? That would not have been great -- I had a lot of stuff on my todo list -- but it would have been acceptable, especially if I managed to avoid a full-blown cold by resting. It is okay to do nothing if you are physically ill.

What if I told you that my mood was down and I spent the weekend hiding from myself and my responsibilities? That would have been less good, although thanks to duopolistic phone companies we are all supposed to destigmatize mental illness now. Still, don't I know that giving into the doldrums is the wrong thing to do? How am I going to develop grit and growth mindset if I don't get myself out of bed and learn from my failures? I am supposed to fake it until I make it. It is not very okay to do nothing if you are mentally ill.

What if I told you that I just didn't feel like doing anything, and that I preferred the warmth of my sleeping arrangement to getting out of bed and accomplishing tasks? That would have been no good at all. Don't I realize that I have one precious life, and that it is selfish and short-sighted to fritter it away asleep? Don't I know that there are things to be done? If I am not going to work on my passion projects during the week I had better get my act together on the weekends, or they won't get done at all. The early bird gets the worm. Don't I want worms? It is not okay at all to do nothing if you are lazy.