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Bad Immigrant

We all know the Canadian Immigration Conspiracy: Canada picks the most competent and capable people from other countries (there's even a test! With points!) to immigrate to our fine country. These people have high-powered credentials (in engineering, in medicine), which counts towards their points but -- too bad! so sad! -- are not recognised by Canadian employers or the professional cabals that reject foreign credentials "to ensure safety" or some such garbage. So the most competent and capable from other countries work in menial jobs in Canada, and we enjoy the most highly-educated taxi drivers in the world.

But! Those competent and capable people have good genes, and they have kids, and they want those kids to succeed. So they push their second generation immigrant children to excel in school, so those kids become educated and turn into the next generation of high-earning, prestigious and engineers in Canada! (Well, not all of them stay in Canada. A bunch go to California. But that is another story.) We get great engineers and doctors, and best of all they are "Canadianized" and speak good English. Hooray! "Real Canadians" (read: white Canadians) might let their lazy children get degrees in Classics or Art History, but immigrant kids either go into STEM or at worst take Poli Sci degrees so they can become lawyers.

I happen to believe in this Conspiracy, but this Conspiracy doesn't believe in me. Instead of being a shining second generation immigrant kid benefiting society and paying a lot of taxes, I am a burden to society. I started out okay, I guess. I went to school, and without really trying (thanks, good genes) I did well. But everything fell apart in fourth year university, and I never recovered. I did go to grad school and scraped together a Master's degree, but I did not do anything meaningful with it. Then I got some dead-end job at a nonprofit, and then I left that job, and now I'm here, unemployable and in crisis and costing the Canadian taxpayer more than I contribute. Sorry, Canada. I guess I turned too Canadian too quickly.