Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2020/ Informal Park

Informal Park

At the corner of Ottawa and King there is an empty lot. My guess is that it used to be a gas station. Now it is a lot covered in white gravel, its perimeter marked by crumbling concrete blocks.

Lately I have been walking to this corner to sit in the sun and read. It is not quiet and it is not pretty, but to me it feels more like a park than the surrounding commercial areas. Plants grow out of the gravel trying to survive. I think somebody keeps the area mowed but it does not seem that they mow too often -- there are several patches of grasses that have grown tall and gone to seed. There is also a patch of some green plant with yellow flowers that is unexpectedly pretty. (I think it is vetch, but I am not sure.)

This corner is definitively not a park. In fact I am probably trespassing by sitting on the concrete blocks and reading. If (when) I get in trouble then I will stop going there. There are other parks and greenspaces to go to, but given my goals to be alone in the sunshine, this is not a bad option.