Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2021/ PSA: Easily Book a COVID19 Vaccine in Ontario

PSA: Easily Book a COVID19 Vaccine in Ontario

The Region of Waterloo vaccine booking portal is a usability disaster. It is a huge pain to go to pharmacy sites individually looking for a vaccine appointment. Fortunately there is a tool which makes this easier: .

The site is easy to use. Filter by your location and you will see available appointments both at public health sites and several major pharmacy chains. Once you see what is available you then have to go to the appropriate website to snag an appointment, but once you know the dates and locations of available appointments, this is much easier.

If you want an appointment with your mom-and-pop pharmacy you are out of luck, but if you just want a vaccine from somewhere, this tool is great. Unfortunately the tool is impossible to find using a search engine, so I am signal-boosting it here.

Sidebar: The Region of Waterloo Usability Disaster

So the process of signing up for an appointment on the Region of Waterloo site is not awful once you know when and where appointments are available. But finding that information is so frustrating:

Seriously. Does the Region of Waterloo have a religious opposition to basic usability testing? Fortunately the site solves these usability problems.

Also, the consent to participate in studies is opt-out, not opt-in:

I consent to have my scheduling record used in research studies to support the vaccine response. You may withdraw consent at any time by contacting the Region of Waterloo Public Health Privacy Office at

Wow that is a dark pattern.