Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2021/ New Hamburg

New Hamburg

New Hamburg is weird, and I like it. There is a park in the middle of town where I like to sit. It has a water wheel (currently stationary) and a dam and a river. Past the dam is a river, where people go to fish. There are two portage trails across the river. These are not bridges. They have no safety features. They are just moderately flat rocks you are supposed to walk across, hoping you don't slip. Nobody seems to think this is strange. Winter or summer, people will walk from one side of the river to the other across the treacherous portage rocks.

Furthermore, there are lots of young people here. There were some kids whom I don't think hit puberty yet, standing on the treacherous rocks and fishing. This may not seem strange, except that there are not that many parents here. Most of the swarms of children are unattended -- even the prepubescent ones. For some reason children are allowed to go and socialize by the river without parents hovering over them. Nobody seems to think this is strange, either. (I am sure that several of these swarms are not abiding by the lockdown rules, but let's put that aside for a second.)

This will change, of course. Baden has already become a suburb of KW, and New Hamburg is heading in that direction. I am sure that one day somebody is going to fall off a treacherous rock and get hurt, and that will be the end of the portage trails. Soon parents will prohibit their kids from roaming unattended because of stranger danger. This is how suburbs work, because suburbs are about creating safe nurseries to protect children from the world. But for now New Hamburg retains some small-town character, and I like it a lot.