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Pandemic Coward

Sometimes I used to wonder how I would fare in a crisis? Would I be one of the heroes saving the day? Would I be one of the victims, in a pile of bodies stacked like cordwood? Based on the COVID-19 crisis, I think I have my answer: I run away and hide.

I had many opportunities to help others during this pandemic, and I turned them all down:

Instead I stayed at home when it suited my purposes, and exposed myself and others to danger by going on bike rides and purchasing junk food otherwise. For a while I tried to convince myself that sitting at home doing nothing was heroic, but it was just cowardice.

Fortunately the pandemic is almost over, and people are already being called back to the office, and now I will get my comeuppance because I am still a coward (and lazy) and still do not particularly want to spend time indoors with people. Already we are mocking those who live as if it still the pandemic with the pandemic almost over. Soon I will get what is coming to me.