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Soda Pop

I was on a bike ride recently and I had not brought enough water. Instead of being sensible and purchasing water (I loathe bottled water) I opted for something sweet. Earlier this year I bought store-brand iced tea to great success, but the grocery store I found did not stock store-brand iced tea. So out of misplaced nostalgia I bought a bottle of orange soda instead.

Every few years I make the mistake of buying soda pop, and I inevitably regret it. I don't know why soda pop is a thing:

In my opinion soda pop is one of the worst junk foods -- even worse than chips. I firmly believe that soda pop contributes a lot to our obesity epidemic. Anecdotes are not data, but I have known several morbidly obese people who lost significant amounts of weight just by cutting soda pop out of their diets. I think one big problem here is that other than the carbon dioxide, drinking soda does not make you feel full like eating a chocolate bar does.

I am not trying to say that store-brand iced tea is much better, but at least it is not carbonated, and at least it tastes like something recognisable. Having said that I know better (or ought to know better) than to purchase it frequently.

The real lesson here is "bring enough water on bike rides, or go thirsty for a while". But no doubt I am going to screw this one up again and again, and I will regret my decision every time.