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City Pizza Challenge

As I have written before, City Pizza has been one of my go-to pandemic foods. As a supposed vegetarian it is not good that I buy pizza with slices of pepperoni on them, but I am nothing if not hypocritical.

I was at City Pizza once when I foolishly picked up one of their flyers. On the back of the flyer was a listing of 10 City Pizza locations -- 2 in Cambridge, 3 in Kitchener, 1 in Waterloo, 2 in Guelph, 1 in Burlington, and 1 in Brantford. There was also a Stratford location listed as "coming soon". This list was interesting to me since there weren't that many locations, and they were frequent cycling destinations for me. I decided to take up the "City Pizza Challenge" -- purchasing one slice of pizza from each of the 10 locations. If I had visited the location already, I counted it as visited. Otherwise I would have to make a trip to the location.

I completed that challenge this week, and just in time too. I picked up the latest flyer, and now there is a location in Hamilton listed as "coming soon". I doubt I will seek that one out. In fact I have been eating at City Pizza less and less.

Why go through this exercise? Partially it was an excuse to eat pizza. Partially it was an excuse to go on bike trips. Partially it was an excuse to compare locations. Partially it was curiosity about how a capitalist enterprise expands. Mostly it reflects that I am an unemployed burden on society desperately looking for structure in my life.

City Pizza locations tend to be located in the outskirts of town, in depressed areas or the realms of big box stores. The sites were fairly uniform but not completely consistent. I liked some more than others. Here is an approximate ranking of locations from best to worst.

There are other smallish pizza franchises in existence (Pyramid Pizza comes to mind) but I have no inclination to repeat this challenge with another brand. It was an interesting exercise but now it is done.