Paul's Internet Landfill/ 2022/ Responsive Redesign

Responsive Redesign

If the website looks a little different now, that is because it is. Given that I am an unemployed burden on society I decided to spend some time wrangling CSS to make the website design more responsive. Here are some of the changes:

Given that responsive design has been mainstream for over five years, I guess it is finally time that I learned about CSS Grid and media queries.

There are a bunch of problems that I did not bother to fix:

In non-design news, I also played around with the tagging structure to get rid of a bunch of infrequently-used tags.

The big remaining problem is getting the website onto SSL using Let's Encrypt. I have an idea of how I might get this working on, but it means the site will be more fragile and break. Without SSL the site will be downvoted by Google and other search engines. This website is stupid but it is my legacy to the world. When I am gone then it would be nice if it was still accessible, but that will probably not be the case with SSL.

If you note problems with the responsiveness then please email me and let me know.