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Marketing Bad Actor: Ziggy's Cycles

This year I ordered some pogeys from Ziggy's Cycle in Kitchener. I made my initial inquiry via email. They used my email to tell me when the pogeys were delivered.

Now I am receiving marketing spam on behalf of Ziggy's from Trek Bikes. I did not consent to being added to this list, or any other marketing list. I was never asked whether I wanted to have my marketing information shared with outside organizations. Ziggy's just went ahead and gave my email address to others.

I am very angry about this. I have written them an email to get me off their marketing lists but it is probably too late. It is easy to share email addresses with outside organizations and nearly impossible to get them off.

Ziggy's sent me a response saying that they had only added me to the Trek mailing list. They said "We are very sorry that your email was sent to the Trek Cycling Campaign email list" which is a lie. They are not sorry that my email was sent there. They are just sorry that I am angry with them.

If you choose to shop at Ziggy's then I advise you not to provide any contact information to them, because they will abuse your trust.