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Broken engagement

Sorry for the flood of posts, but I have to vent (and what good is the Internet if I can't make my readers feel bad?). See, I hate looking for places to live, so naturally I do it as little as possible. Because I have to move now, I came up with a plan: find a place that would give me a 12 month lease and not a 4 month one. Simple, right?

So I looked and I looked and I finally found a place, and the property owner and I agreed that I would sign a lease for 12 months this Monday -- the final day of April. He mailed me a big honking Word file with the filled-out tenant agreement (for 12 months, natch) and everything, and wrote me an e-mail that stated that we agreed we would sign the lease.

Guess what's sitting in my INBOX today? It's a message from the would- be landlord!

Guess what it says? Oops! The room is gone in September! If I want the lease I can take it -- for four months. Meanwhile the end of April is TWO DAYS AWAY. And guess who stopped looking for rooms when he thought he had found a place? Guess who had told people who had OFFERED rooms to him that he was no longer interested?

The beautiful thing is that we didn't sign anything. Unsigned e-mails and Word documents can be forged. And if I was really in love enough with this place to fight for it legally (which I am not), I would be looking at spending lots and lots of money that I don't have. Ain't justice wonderful?

Obviously, others who read this journal have faced worse than this in their housing woes. I am still upset. Amongst other things, I'm pretty sure it will cost me a smug Livejournal entry I had been thinking of writing.

Let's hope the libertarian paradise comes soon so that these kinds of misunderstandings won't be an issue any more.

UPDATE: The landlord reneged on the offer for a summer sublet too.

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