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Civic duty

Well, that's done. Now I can ignore municipal politics for four whole years before making another set of uninformed decisions. (It's telling that I nearly FLIPPED A COIN for some of my choices in the voting booth.)

Did you realize that Hazel McCallion (mayor for life in Mississauga) is 85 years old!? Wow do I feel torn about that. For one thing, there is a reasonable chance the woman will die in office. I wouldn't want Mississauga to turn out like Cuba, where the city breaks out into a civil war after the dictator passes away. Let's at least hope she's grooming a successor.

On the other hand, I'll bet that her job is a primary factor in keeping her vital, healthy and alive. It would be awful if she lost office and pulled a Charles Schulz. How coldhearted would it be to take the life support system away from a sweet old lady just so that Mississauga doesn't break down into municipal chaos?

I voted for a distressing number of candidates that have affiliations with conservative and right-wing parties this time. What's wrong with me? I'm not 40 yet!! Is this the start of some dismal trend?

I had planned to post a couple of other things about the election campaign and voting in general. Probably I should spare you, but I don't know whether I have the self control.

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