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One of the tasks on my todo list is to scan in the many boxes of papers I have stacked in my room. Why do I have these boxes of papers? Because I took notes in my classes and while attending lectures and talks? Why did I take notes? I am not certain, but presumably I thought they might be useful in the future. For some reason I had faith that it was worth taking those notes.

Now I have faith that it is worth scanning the notes in. Indeed, in doing so I have recalled a lot of the articles and talks that have shaped my beliefs.

Similarly, I have a habit of typing out excerpts from books. This takes hours and hours. For some reason I feel it is worthwhile doing so -- partially to review some of the good parts of books I read, and partially because it "might come in handy". Now it looks as if I may be able to use some of these excerpts for an essay I am supposed to write.

The problem I have always had with faith is that -- by definition -- one does not know whether it is worthwhile. I have always admired faith but I struggle to find it myself. It feels weird to think that I have carried around this implicit faith for many years, and weirder to think it might have been justified.

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