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Housing and a movie

Have I ever mentioned that I hate looking for housing?

Knock on wood, I think I found something. But I spent an agonizing few hours today trying to figure out which of two options I would pursue; the risky option with a higher payoff, or the moderately safer option. I think I made the wrong decision.

In other news, I saw Children of Men today at the library. I found it a little too cheery.

First of all, the ending chickened out. Stupid Hollywood. One of the messages of the movie that made it so intense was the message that nobody's life was worth much. The hopeful ending spoiled that. I did like that the main antagonist of the Fishes did not die, though. I wish that the dreadlocked guy had been spared as well (at least onscreen).

Although I recognize that the crying baby scene near the end was intended to be symbolic and stuff, it snapped the film's credibility. The military might have called a ceasefire, but within minutes they would have been trying to get their hands on the baby as well. Furthermore, I suspect that a more realistic response would have been for somebody to go nuts and shoot the Kee and the baby, just like the kids in school felt obligated to smash the sand castles and snow forts you put hours into building. Awe may last for a few minutes, but there's always a spoiler.

I did find the film heavy handed with the scenario expositions, but this is a minor quibble.

The film was gorgeously detailed. I feel like rewatching it just to read all the protest signs and headlines.

I do wish that Quietus was available on the market.

In other news I am in grave danger of breaking a writing streak today. I know it does not matter to anybody but me, but I think it's going to hurt.

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