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No. I shouldn't be here. Yes. I have lots of other work to do, and yes this is really bad for my self control. But I have been lurking on LJ for a while, and I have even been posting to people's journals. Today I found myself irrationally and totally incensed at having to prove to LJ that I am not a spambot.

See, I surf the internet from an SSH window. My SSH window doesn't let me display your grainy challenge-response graphics. My SSH window doesn't let me play sound. So if I want to make some snarky unwelcome comment on somebody's LJ, I have to launch some graphical browser. That's bad because then everybody KNOWS that I am procrastinating.

Life's getting harder and harder for us w3m users. I'll tell you that much.

So, anyways, I'm here. If you're ever in the market for some fake watches, Nigerian bank accounts or online poker, give me a shout.

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