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Leslie Harpold

This already was a bad day. My back is bugging me, I have spent 13 hours in front of this computer and failed to accomplish (or even try to accomplish, really) the one job I set out to do, I violated the trust of another person (again), I'm wallowing in loneliness/insecurity/etc, blah, blah, blah.

If that all sounds trite it is, and boy do I feel it now. Because while wasting yet more time by surfing, I get the brainwave of checking out Leslie Harpold's site to look for an Advent Calendar, only to discover that she died.

Holy moses. The name Leslie Harpold probably doesn't mean much to many of you, but she influenced and befriended a lot of my earliest Web idols. She brought together a lot of talented people, and it's clear that lots of people value and miss her.

And she was a kickass writer. Here's some evidence. I don't have a eulogy to offer, but if nothing else I hope some of her writing lives on.

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