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Mr Goudas marketing wins again

So I took the plunge, Yesterday I supplemented my usual diet of beans and rice with a special meal of beans and rice: 9 Bean Symphony rice and Mr. Goudas parboiled (I know, I know) rice. Some comments:

- Maybe this was not the best experiment to conduct the evening before a teaching day. - The French version of the can is fairly mundane. One bean says "Heat and serve" and the other says "Ready to eat". I guess beans don't give French people gas. - I don't think the advertising works for all English-speakers as well. - I like straight chick-peas more. The mix is good enough but it's nothing to blog about.

Why do I like Mr. Goudas so much? It's good food, it's cheap, and it's aimed at a bigger market than middle-class white folks. Immigrants like his stuff because he provides foods that are not readily available elsewhere (lychees, jackfruit). I guess that the company is an evil exploitative multinational corporation like every other, but it's likably evil, and silly enough to put fart jokes on its cans.

(Man. Am I on a "rip off da_lj" streak or what? Maybe I will post about possums next.)

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