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I only have one possum story. I saw a possum for the first time last winter while taking out my compost to Waterloo Park. I opened up the composter to find a cute grey possum curled up inside. I imagine that it chewed its way to the plastic to get food and warmth.

It was cute, but also big as a cat. I'm pretty sure I woke it up, but it lay still. I looked at it for a few minutes, then cautiously put the lid back. I didn't want to startle it and end up the victim of an enraged possum attack.

Obviously, I wasn't going to dump my food scraps over the poor thing, so I went away. I worried that maybe it had gotten stuck in the composter, but did not have any good ideas of how to check, so I left it alone. Fortunately, it was gone when I came back the next day, so I imagine that it was able to navigate just fine.

That was a pretty boring story. But seeing the possum up so close was cool. Although I don't want to share my apartment with them I am glad that squirrels and skunks and possums and raccoons have found ways to cohabit with us 2foots. Maybe we really would die of loneliness if we were all alone.

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