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Wired Myopia

Remember those pretentious pixellated portraits from the Digerati book? I measured them. They are 25x40 greyscale pixmaps, where each square is about 0.5cm square.

It's difficult for me to make any sense of them looking at them closely; I can sort of make out eyes and mouths and noses, but I don't get any sense of what the Digeratus in question looks like. That is, until I take off my glasses and hold the book at arm's length. My horrible shortsighted eyes apply a gaussian blur to the pixels, and it becomes much easier for me to make out facial features. If I keep my glasses on, the pictures are more understandable but still jaggy -- so something about my bad eyesight (probably combined with brain tricks) is actually helping me out.

I still think that the pictures are pretentious, and although I can see some metaphor about taking a "long view", I still think clear portraits would have been more useful (and the dust jacket features the author photo in perfectly clear high-res, interestingly). But this may be the first time in my life where my myopia worked to my advantage. That's kind of neat, even though the context is not so useful.

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