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Zero sum life

When I was younger and less-balding I used to worry about having good days, because I knew that something bad would happen afterwards. I guess I should still be worried. Yesterday I finally shrugged off a big work-burden, I got a few things done towards rather ominous burden, some elves and I entered 160-odd books into a database, and I traded a vacuum cleaner for a neat toy. Going to bed I wasn't feeling fantastic but I was suprisingly okay.

Today I'm not very okay at all. People at the market and Chinese grocery stressed me out, I was lazy this morning, I overate again, I failed to complete my bike repair, and I got pretty upset in a damaging way for an insufficient reason.

Somehow the goods never seem to outweigh the bads. That doesn't seem very zero-sum to me. I would blame bats22, but he's only responsible for coining the phrase, not the way I misuse it.

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