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Liberals Love FPTP

Oh my word. They did it again. I just received a leaflet with dire warnings that if I don't vote for Daiene Vernile, I am actually voting for Doug Ford:

Leaflet: Only Diaene Can Stop Doug Ford In Kitchener Centre

Contrast this to the leaflet I received in 2015:

Leaflet: In Kitchener Centre only Raj Saini Can Stop Stephen Harper

and this wall of text from 2004:

Leaflet: Only the Liberals can prevent Stephen Harper and his hidden agenda from fundamentally changing our country.

The Liberals pull this stunt again and again, which is one reason I cannot vote for them in good conscience. But it is especially hilarious this time around because the Liberals are polling well behind the NDP. If the Liberals really wanted to stop me for voting for Doug Ford three times here, they would be telling me to vote NDP. As it stands the Liberals are the ones who are going to split the vote.

If you think for one minute that the Liberals will ever support proportional representation, look at their campaign literature any time they are desperate.

Update, October 2019

Saini pulled the same trick in the federal election:


Thanks to Jennifer Van Overbeeke for permission to use her photo.