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The NDP and Vote Splitting
Composed July 16th, 2022

Liberals Love FPTP
Composed June 6th, 2018

Provincial Election Eve
Composed June 6th, 2018

Liberal Betrayal
Composed May 31st, 2017

Nathan Cullen Speaking on PR
Composed March 26th, 2017

PR Petition
Composed February 17th, 2017

Proportional Representation Rally: Feb 11
Composed February 8th, 2017

Rigged Referendum
Composed November 25th, 2016

PEI Plebiscite on Democratic Renewal
Composed November 20th, 2016

Brief to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform
Composed October 5th, 2016

Electoral Reform Events
Composed September 5th, 2016

How STV Works
Composed August 24th, 2016

Electoral Reform: How to Help
Composed May 24th, 2016

Unable or Unwilling to Help
Composed March 7th, 2016

Ranked Ballot Consultation
Composed June 18th, 2015

First Past the Post on Trial
Composed February 22nd, 2011

29 Days Later
Composed November 8th, 2007

MMP 102: Why vote for MMP?
Composed October 8th, 2007

MMP 102: Things that will annoy you
Composed October 3rd, 2007

UW Debate
Composed October 3rd, 2007

MMP 102: Are people happier under MMP?
Composed September 30th, 2007

MMP 102: Glossary (aka Lazy Entry)
Composed September 25th, 2007

MMP 102: Contradictory Arguments
Composed September 23rd, 2007

Local Candidates Meetings
Composed September 20th, 2007

Becoming what we despise
Composed September 15th, 2007

MMP 102: What do List Members Do?
Composed September 7th, 2007

MMP 102: Party Hackery in Three Paragraphs
Composed September 1st, 2007

MMP 102: A Tired Rehashing of Identity Politics
Composed August 25th, 2007

MMP 102: Why Closed Lists?
Composed August 22nd, 2007

MMP 102: Party Life Cycles
Composed August 17th, 2007

MMP 102: False Dichotomies
Composed August 3rd, 2007

MMP 102: Effects of the 3% Threshold
Composed August 1st, 2007

MMP 102: No Confidence Votes and MMP
Composed July 22nd, 2007

MMP 102: Power Diffusion
Composed July 17th, 2007

MMP 102: Effects of the list seat ratio
Composed July 15th, 2007

MMP 102: MMP vs. Parallel Systems
Composed July 9th, 2007

MMP 102: Three Party Systems and Bob Rae's Government
Composed July 5th, 2007

MMP 102: Coalitions vs. Minority Governments
Composed July 3rd, 2007

Traitor to the Cause
Composed May 10th, 2007

Voting System Nitpickery
Composed February 17th, 2007

Guelph Consultation
Composed January 17th, 2007

Citizens' Assembly Public Consultation
Composed January 8th, 2007

Talks: James Loney, FVC, Drugs
Composed October 24th, 2006

Unfair language
Composed April 25th, 2006

In defence of FPTP
Composed April 22nd, 2006

Voting and pi
Composed April 14th, 2006

Ontario Electoral Reform: Off to the races
Composed March 28th, 2006