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Ontario Electoral Reform: Off to the races

Well, we're off. The McGuinty government has announced the Citizen's Assembly process for examing our voting system. I have not looked at the details yet, but there is no question that we are in for quite a ride. Job one: make sure people know that this is happening. Job two: make sure the referendum/assembly rules are reasonable.

Given that over half my friendslist can't vote in this province maybe it's silly to focus on voting reform and proportional representation in this LJ. Oh, well. Speaking of which, I have been involved with setting up a local chapter of Fair Vote Canada. We're looking for folks to join the chapter and to help organize it, so if you are interested leave me a comment or send me mail. Our big first meeting is scheduled for the evening of April 18 at The Working Centre, 43 Queen Street South.

Feel free to spam local friends (or local Friends, or local "friends") about this as well.

Man. I really want to see proportional representation happen, even if I am not around to enjoy its fruits.

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