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MMP 102: Party Hackery in Three Paragraphs

Others worry about creating two different classes of MPPs: the 90 members who are tied to a riding, versus the 39 others who, they say, will need to curry favour with the leaders in order to be as high up the party list as possible, thereby improving their chances of winning a seat.

"I believe in parliament and the current party system," says Mac Penney, long-time backroom strategist for the Ontario PC party. "This is a jury-rigged solution."

-- Steve Paikin, "Oct 10 election is about more than who will govern the province", Barrie Examiner, Aug 31 2007.

This reveals the essence of the "party hack" criticism of list MPs: if introducing lists will make party hacks so powerful, why are the cabals within the big parties so dead set against MMP?

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