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Guelph Consultation

If you know people in Guelph who might be interested in voting reform, or you are closeby and want to learn about the Ontario Citizens' Assembly stuff youself, you might be interested in attending the upcoming presentation on Saturday, January 20.

The Waterloo event turned out to be moderately successful -- about 100 people turned up, and the presentations were pretty informative. The room was way too small and hot for comfort, but the sweaty masses seemed to think it was worth their time. I am hoping the Guelph meeting will be similarly successful.

The consultation is from 1-4pm, at the following location:

Ministry of Agriculture Building 1 Stone Road West First Floor Conference Room #2

(I copied and pasted that address, so hopefully this time it is correct.)

As always, feel free to pass word of this meeting along to your friends/enemies/family.

(There's another few public consultations happening in Toronto and Etobicoke, for the folks that live near there. See the Citizens' Assembly pages for more info: /en-CA/Whats-New/EventsRG.aspx )

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