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Talks: James Loney, FVC, Drugs

Here's a talk you likely know about already: James Loney is coming to speak this Friday at St. Jerome's. It's part of the (consistently very good) St. Jerome's Centre for Catholic Experience lecture series. 7:30pm, Sigfried Hall. The title of the talk is "War Never Again".

Here's a talk you probably don't know about: Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region is presenting a lecture by Robert J. Williams of the Political Science department. The title is "The Ontario Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform", which is the group the McGuinty government has set up to (maybe) propose a referendum to be held in 345 days. This talk is Nov 2, 7pm, AL 208.

I have also been attending some of the In the Mind's Eye 2006 events, which are all about my favourite pasttime. There's 30 events or something, which is a whole lot to say about drugs. Somebody went to a lot of work to organize all these events, so I feel bad not filling your friendslist-postings with advertisements for it.

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